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First week in our new home.

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So we arrived last week in Canada. I only had the chance to blog now, sorry for that.  Dream come true for the whole family. I was actually still bawling incessantly at the airport and also the plane going to HK and Toronto. It was overwhelming for me because I have always thought that you know, it’s something that I want- but then I wasn’t prepared for how much I’m going to miss the people we left behind. It was definitely one tough week for me (talking abt the week prior). I know for myself I have to be strong because God gave us this opportunity, I am not going to waste it.

First day was awesome, sun was shining and it was like the weather in the Philippines…until I went outside and felt the CHILL! Man, the cold breeze caught me off guard, it was really brrrrr cold! Day 2 we went to get our SIN for Insurance, it was fun going to the mall, I thought that maybe I could work at a mall for summer. Day 3 we had a little party for Mothers’ day! It was fun, and by the way, I saw snow for the first time, in spring time! Haha. Day 4 we went to my mom’s friend’s house at York Mills, the drive there was roughly about 30-40 mins, I love the place and the apartment. Her kids took me down to the park and we watched Alvin & the Chipmunks 2, it was really funny. Day 5 was kind of boring, but I knew it wasnt for the people in the Philippines, it was the elections! I hope the people made the right decision. Day 6 was interesting, my uncle took us to Mcdonald’s and asked a fellow Filipino if there was an available position for me and my little brother, fortunately there was! And I’m going there tomorrow to submit my resume. Anyway, my parents went downtown to attend this orientation for a potential job my mom was called for, I hope things are going the right path now. So we can finally start on our own. Thanks to my cousin and her family for letting us stay here for a  bit, it was really nice of them. I want to go downtown now, cause this small town makes me imagine stuff.  I don’t wanna tell you haha.

much love!


Written by carloslaron

May 12, 2010 at 1:38 pm

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